I recount thankfully all the blessings the Almighty has showered on our children in the yester years.

As is well known, our school is built on the strong edifice of ‘Inspiration for Quality Education’ and we offer such a motivation that propels and escalates an unsatiated desire in the minds of the students to perform exceedingly well, accomplish with great ease and achieve great heights in all the realms of learning.

Add on programmes, besides the regular curriculum, are not for sheer embellishment for the school but to ignite the minds of our students, for this journey of lifelong learning. On the one hand we ceaselessly strive to impart quality education to our students, to make them scholastically sound and hone their talent and skill, on the other hand we are missioned to inculcate good habits and values of life in our students. Only good character can shape a lucrative career.

We strongly believe that school is the second home for the students. The first school being home itself. The second parents at school- the teachers and the first teachers at home – the parents have a great role to play.

Let us join hands to create a culture of success at Gateway and make schooling a true celebration for our students !

Yours in the cause of education,

Thank you
The Green Mount International School,