At TGMIS we follow the NCERT Syllabus , integrated with best international standard practices.

In order to cater to the needs of the students of various backgrounds, we have blended the best practices of international curriculum with the NCERT Syllabus. This helps the students to have the best of both worlds.

NCERT Syllabus is recognized by all the Indian universities and by universities worldwide. It is therefore easy for the students to get into any universities within and outside the country. The NCERT Syllabus serves as a gateway for your child’s college education.

Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are mandatory for all the students at TGMIS. Our students are engaged in various co-curricular activities such as Arts and Crafts, Sports, Dance, and Music.

Various clubs at TGMIS conduct club-activities, which reinforce and support the classroom curriculum. Regular club activities are conducted at school to emphasize the importance of co-curricular activities. These co-curricular activities develop teamwork, leadership and promote a healthy competitive spirit among the students.

Extra Curricular Activities
Apart from the mandatory co-curricular activities that reinforce the curriculum, students are also engaged in extra-curricular activities. These activities give them the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity and passion in a certain field.

Some of the extracurricular activities featured at TGMIS are Yoga, Dance, Drama & Vocal Music.